Using with Maven

By far the easiest way to use ModeShape is to use Maven, because with just a few lines of code, Maven will automatically pull all the JARs and source for all of the ModeShape libraries as well as everything those libraries need. All of ModeShape's artifacts for each release are published in the new JBoss Maven repository under the "org.modeshape" group ID.

See our ModeShape 5 documentation for instructions on using ModeShape 5 in your applications and libraries.

Looking for JBoss DNA?

The ModeShape project used to be called "JBoss DNA", and all of the releases prior to ModeShape 1.0.0.Beta1 were released under that name and under the org.jboss.dna" group ID. All these artifacts are still available in the Maven repository.

We highly recommend migrating to ModeShape. We won't be issuing any more releases of JBoss DNA - but that's not a problem because ModeShape is the same stuff (just with a new name)!