ModeShape 2.6.0.Final

ModeShape 2.6.0.Final includes performance improvements, new features, and lots of bug fixes. There are ModeShape kits for JBoss AS 5.x and 6.x, making it even easier to deploy and use in web applications. We have a new disk-based storage connector, which is fast and provides a great alternative to our other library of connectors. The JPA connector now can use a Hibernate 2nd level cache, and quite a few of our other connectors now have a cache to improve read performance. There is now a pluggable authentication and authorization framework, so you can now control all aspects of repository privileges. Plus, there are a number of other features and improvements plus over five dozen bug fixes. As before, ModeShape implements all JCR 2.0 required and most optional features.

For details, see the release documentation.

Also see other versions.


NameVersionDescriptionSizeRelease dateDownload
ModeShape JARs2.6.0.FinalJAR of JARs59MB2011-10-28modeshape-2.6.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
Downloads: 54
ModeShape Binaries2.6.0.FinalSource and
Downloads: 58
Kit for JBoss AS 5.x2.6.0.FinalZIP file with everything needed to run ModeShape as a service in a JBoss AS 5.x
Downloads: 24
Kit for JBoss AS 6.x2.6.0.FinalZIP file with everything needed to run ModeShape as a service in a JBoss AS 6.x
Downloads: 57
ModeShape client JAR2.6.0.FinalSelf-contained JDBC driver and RESTful client library1.7MB2011-10-28modeshape-2.6.0.Final-client.jar
Downloads: 25
ModeShape Examples2.6.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started
Downloads: 47
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