ModeShape 2.5.0.Final

The release of ModeShape is the final release of ModeShape 2.5.0, and includes a few performance improvements, a number of enhancements, fewer third-party dependencies, and almost four dozen bug fixes. This release introduces new sequencers for XML Schema Document (XSD) and Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) 1.1 files. Another new feature is an extensible framework for extracting text from binary content to enable the content to be found with full-text searching, with out-of-the-box support for Teiid Virtual Database, Microsoft Office, PDF, HTML, plain text, and XML files. We've also put into place a way to use ByteMan to inject at runtime calls to monitor the performance of the various components.

This is the first 'final' release since we've switched to Git, moved our official source code repository to GitHub, and started using our new developer workflow that utilizes GitHub forks and pull-requests. We've also switched to Maven 3, which has improved our build times and made it possible to build shebang with a single command.

For details, see the release documentation.

Also see other versions.


NameVersionDescriptionSizeRelease dateDownload
ModeShape JARs2.5.0.FinalJAR of JARs51MB2011-05-25modeshape-2.5.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
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ModeShape Binaries2.5.0.FinalSource and
Downloads: 0
Kit for JBoss AS2.5.0.Beta2ZIP file with everything needed to run ModeShape as a service in a JBoss AS
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ModeShape Examples2.5.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started
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ModeShape client JAR2.5.0.FinalSelf-contained JDBC driver and RESTful client library1.7MB2011-05-25modeshape-2.5.0.Final-client.jar
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