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ModeShape 2.3.0.Final

The release of ModeShape offers an improved JDBC driver for accessing content in ModeShape through JDBC, an updated JBoss AS deployment, an enhanced JOPR plugin for monitoring ModeShape on JBoss AS, more enhancements to the JCR-SQL2 query language, and lots of improvements and bug fixes.

For details, see the release documentation.

Also see other versions.


NameVersionDescriptionSizeRelease dateDownload
ModeShape JARs2.3.0.FinalJAR of JARs51MB2010-10-22modeshape-2.3.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
Downloads: 117
ModeShape Binaries2.3.0.FinalSource and binaries36MB2010-10-22modeshape-2.3.0.Final-dist.zip
Downloads: 80
Kit for JBoss AS2.3.0.FinalZIP file with everything needed to run ModeShape as a service in a JBoss AS profile10MB2010-10-22modeshape-2.3.0.Final-jbossas-dist.zip
Downloads: 78
ModeShape Examples2.3.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started document240K2010-10-22modeshape-2.3.0.Final-gettingstarted-examples.zip
Downloads: 71
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