ModeShape 2.1.0.Final

ModeShape 2.1 introduces clustering, shareable nodes, a JBoss AS deployment kit, several other features and improvements, and bug fixes. ModeShape is a JCR 2.0 implementation that supports all of JCR 2.0 required features: repository acquisition, authentication, reading/navigating, query, export, node type discovery, and permissions and capability checking. ModeShape also implements most of the optional JCR 2.0 features: writing, import, observation, workspace management, versioning, locking, node type management, same-name siblings, shareable nodes, and orderable child nodes. The release also contains a host of other fixes and improvements.

For details, see the release documentation.

Also see other versions.


ModeShape is licensed under the business-friendly Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPL v2.1).


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ModeShape JARs2.1.0.FinalJAR of JARs52MB2010-08-02modeshape-2.1.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
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ModeShape Binaries2.1.0.FinalSource and
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Kit for JBoss AS2.1.0.FinalZIP file with everything needed to run ModeShape as a service in a JBoss AS
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ModeShape Examples2.1.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started
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