ModeShape 1.x

All of the earlier ModeShape releases are available. All of these releases implement the JCR 1.0 API (JSR-170). However, we strongly recommend using the latest release of ModeShape, which implements the JCR 2.0 API (JSR-283).


NameVersionDescriptionSizeRelease dateDownload
ModeShape JARs1.2.0.FinalJAR of JARs45MB2010-05-19modeshape-1.2.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
Downloads: 49
ModeShape Binaries1.2.0.FinalSource and
Downloads: 45
ModeShape Examples1.2.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started
Downloads: 38
ModeShape JARs1.1.0.FinalJAR of JARs43MB2010-04-05modeshape-1.1.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
Downloads: 40
ModeShape Binaries1.1.0.FinalSource and
Downloads: 38
ModeShape Examples1.1.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started
Downloads: 46
ModeShape JARs1.0.0.FinalJAR of JARs43MB2010-03-04modeshape-1.0.0.Final-all-with-dependencies.jar
Downloads: 19
ModeShape Binaries1.0.0.FinalSource and
Downloads: 30
ModeShape Examples1.0.0.FinalExamples from the Getting Started
Downloads: 25
ModeShape Binaries1.0.0.Beta1Source and
Downloads: 67
ModeShape Examples1.0.0.Beta1Examples from the Getting Started
Downloads: 58
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