Release 2.6.0.Final

ModeShape 2.6.0.Final includes performance improvements, new features, and lots of bug fixes. There are ModeShape kits for JBoss AS 5.x and 6.x, making it even easier to deploy and use in web applications. We have a new disk-based storage connector, which is fast and provides a great alternative to our other library of connectors. The JPA connector now can use a Hibernate 2nd level cache, and quite a few of our other connectors now have a cache to improve read performance. There is now a pluggable authentication and authorization framework, so you can now control all aspects of repository privileges. Plus, there are a number of other features and improvements plus over five dozen bug fixes.

ModeShape is a JCR 2.0 implementation that supports all of JCR 2.0 required features: repository acquisition, authentication, reading/navigating, query, export, node type discovery, and permissions and capability checking. ModeShape also implements most of the optional JCR 2.0 features: writing, import, observation, workspace management, versioning, locking, node type management, same-name siblings, shareable nodes, and orderable child nodes. The release also contains a host of other fixes and improvements.

ModeShape supports five query languages: the JCR-SQL2 and JCR-QOM query languages defined in JSR-283, the XPath, JCR-SQL query languages defined in JCR 1.0 (JSR-170), and a full-text search-engine-like language. For details, see the chapter on queries and search languages in the Reference Guide.

The 2.6.0.Final release has not yet been certified to be fully compliant with JCR 2.0. We've identified several issues in the TCK tests (see JCR-2648, JCR-2661, JCR-2662, and JCR-2663). Once an updated TCK becomes available, we'll get our certification.

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